Shingles vaccine Zostavax® to be provided free for 70-79 year olds from November 2016
07/01/2017 | Edited by Admin
The National Shingles Vaccination Program has commenced aiming to reduce the number of older Australians affected by Shingles and its complications. Who is eligible? Zostavax® is free for  people 70 years of age as an ongoing program  people 71-79 years of age until 31 October 2021. Zostavax® is recommended for all people 60 years. It is registered for use in people aged 50 years over as a single dose. People over 50 who are not eligible for free vaccine can purchase the vaccine from a pharmacy with a prescription from their medical practitioner. Newdegate street health center have the vaccine (Zostavax) available to eligible persons from Tuesday 1st November 2016. Please phone our reception team on (03) 6231 4109 and request an appointment with our doctors for your free immunisation