Dive Medical
28/10/2018 | Edited by Admin
Tasmania boasts the world’s most fresh air and clean waters. It is one of the most popular destinations for diving lovers. With summer coming soon, some people are eager to explore the fascinating waters in Tasmania. Diving, however, involves some risk and some medical conditions can make the risk of death much higher while diving. Australian Government, therefore, strictly requires that people needs to obtain a Dive Medical to have their fitness and suitability assessed before they can go diving. Please do remember the requirement for a Dive Medical is ultimately for your own safety. Long Beach Medical Centre now provides comprehensive assessment services of Diving Medical to Tasmanians. Please call 03 6225 5155 to book your diving medical assessment, or book an appointment in person at 3 Beach Road, Lower Sandy, TAS 7005. We would recommend that you book the appointment at least one week before you go diving.