Bulk Billed Telehealth Consultation is available for All Australians (Medicare card holders) from 30/03/2020
29/03/2020 | Edited by Admin
All Existing patients with medicare card will have access to bulk Billed telehealth consultations with our GPs, from Monday 30/3/2020, at Newdegate Street Health Centre, Long Beach Medical Centre and Moonah Health Centre We are moving to whole-of-population telehealth so every Australian will have access to that. At the meantime, we still provide chronic disease management plan, referral letter, etc. We realise that the flu season is now coming, we will still provide flu vaccinations to our community. Please call us to talk to one of our friendly receptionists, and they will provide appropriate options for you to make a telehealth appointment for you and your flu injections. Alternatively, is online booking. Please notice, for catch up vaccination and flu injections, please call to make an appointment.