Dermatology service changes
15/02/2015 | Edited by Admin
Due to a change in available resources THO-South is no longer able to continue to offer an outpatient dermatology service for new patient referrals. No new referral has been accepted from close of business Friday 10 January 2015. THO-South apologises for the inconvenience to GPs and patients. The relevant changes have been made to the Outpatient website on Patients who are currently being seen for a course of treatment will continue to be seen until the completion of the treatment regimen. As part of this process, referrals that have been received but no appointment allocated will be medically reviewed. Where it is appropriate, referrals have been transferred to other services such as general surgery, plastic surgery or sexual health and you may be asked to provide a new referral with additional information such as biopsy results. Other referrals will be returned to you, the referring doctor or GP, for review and referral to other services such as a skin cancer clinic, a private dermatologist or a telehealth dermatologist.